Monday, February 15, 2016

Recap of the Year 2015

I have spent a lot of time the last month pondering last year.  I've come to one's been the hardest year of my life!  Lately, it seems like it's so easy for me to have a melt down or cry at the drop of a hat.  I started wondering what was wrong with me and looked back to see what had changed. 
Then I realized I had a super long list of  'stuff' that had happened last year that was super, duper stressful.  to name a few...
  • washer/dryer died
  • visited Florida with my oldest to see if she wanted to go to college there
  • was working in a very hostile environment...interviewed, and started a new job
  • sewer line problems at Christmas time...had to replace pipe
  • pipe in kitchen leaking water all over cabinets...fixed pipes
  • husband smashed hand with hammer
  • husband took daughter #1 to college in Florida...2 weeks later, ripped knee to shreds, had major surgery, I flew down to be with her...I had just started new job
  • one month later daughter #2 dislocated her knee at school...ambulance ride to hospital, the very same day we flew to CA for a mom/daughter trip...she was in a wheelchair the whole time
  • computer died...2 weeks later monitor died
  • in the midst of all this, had decided to redo daughter #2 rid of bed, etc. then all the above happened and room was put on hold
  • finished said room and then muddled thru the holidays best we could...
They say starting a new job is super stressful, but let's see...not only did I start a new job, my house fell apart, both my daughter's had major knee issues, and one went away to college.
Phew! It's been crazy.  Every time the phone rings or I see water dripping from somewhere it shouldn't...I freak out.

My husband says "it's life"...and I know that, but it feels it's all happened at once.
Can I please just go a few weeks w/o something breaking.

Maybe by writing this post I can 'let go' and find some peace.  I don't want to be a 'Debbie downer' just can feel very heavy at times.  It certainly is a reminder that our lives may look 'perfect' on Facebook and Instagram, but behind the scenes we are all doing life, and life gets crazy messy sometimes.  It's so easy to only want to post the beautiful stuff...but, let us not forget that we are human, and human stuff happens.  And on that note...I'm off to do the laundry :)  Hope you have a great day...and try to get some sewing in too!

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