Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Free Pattern...Thread Catcher

Good Morning!

This is a re-post of the Thread Catcher pattern, but I didn't think you would mind seeing it again.  I think it's such a cutie and not a day goes by that I don't use mine.  It catches all the loose threads that float around my sewing room...okay, maybe not all, but it does help to have a place to put them.

Pattern is below:

Materials Needed:
-         Outside fabric 12” square
-         Inside fabric 12” square
-         One 2 ½” strip of bias binding (approximately 12” long)
-         12” square of batting – I prefer a thicker batting to give it some poof, I used wool batting.
-         Heavy thread for gathering the bowl/paired with a large needle used for gathering.
-         Sewing machine
-         Hand sewing needle and thread to stitch down binding.

Sewing Directions:
1.                 Trace an 11” diameter circle onto a piece of paper or paper side of ‘butcher’ paper, and cut circle out.  *Note: use a compass to make circle or just use a ruler and mark the four sides and connect the circle.  The circle does not have to be perfect. 
2.                 Trace circle onto backside of one of the fabrics.  Layer outside fabric, batting, and inside Fabric – cut circle out of all three layers at one time.
3.                 Layer inside fabric right side up, batting, and outside fabric right side down.  Pin edges to hold in place.
4.                 Using heavy thread and large needle, hand sew a running stitch all the way around the outside of the circle, sewing thru all layers.  Stitch should be fairly big.
5.                 Gather thread until sides are raised up to about 1” or the height you desire.
6.                 Knot off thread.
7.                 Fold and press bias binding in half.
8.                 Sew binding onto the outside of the sac by matching raw edges of binding and top of sac.  At the start and stop of the binding, fold binding into a triangle to hide the raw edge.
9.                 Flip your little sac wrong side out and hand stitch the folded edge of binding down to the inside fabric – hiding your stitch line.
10.            When done with stitching, flip sac right side out and smooth the inside.  Your little sac is ready to be used.  It certainly can be used for a lot more than just thread. J


  1. It is fun to make, the only suggestion I have is add 1/4" to the 12" fabric cut out. I used fleece iron on and cut out two to make it fuller. Thank you for the free pattern.

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  3. Beautiful little basket. I will make one of these today. I think that I will baste the 3 squares together with an X before cutting to keep things from shifting. Thank you for the pattern.


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