Monday, September 9, 2013

Tips for Sewing on Buttons

One of my Patterns in called the Merry Berry Vinyl Tote...well, hindsight is a beautiful thing...I probably shouldn't have called it the Merry Berry Tote because...well, the fabric is SOLD OUT!

So unless you have the strawberry vinyl in your stash or you find it on won't be able to make the Merry Berry Tote with Strawberries.  BUT the good news is there are lots of other fun vinyls out there and I found one at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest as shown on the Merry Berry Tote in the photo to the left.

The Tote calls for a large button and Pearle Cotton thread to attach the button.  The best needle in ALL the world for attaching a button is a doll makers needle!  It has a big eye and it's very long...about 6". So no matter what you are putting the needle's easy, because it's long.

See in the photo below how easy it is to go right through the layers of fabric and Soft and Stable.  I use the Pearle Cotton doubled so the button is more secure - I love using the Pearle Cotton because it's a heavy thread and with a big button the thread looks nicer.

Don't knot the thread.  Just thread your needle, start on the backside of the fabric, bring to the front side through the button, through the other hole and to the backside, repeat again, and when thread is to the back take ends of thread and tie in a surgeon's knot (basically a square knot), dab some glue on the knot if desired.
This pattern is super easy and is published for Checker Distributors through Cut Loose order contact Greenbaum's Quilted they also sell the vinyl shown on this bag too, and they have FREE SHIPPING!  Give them a call 503-363-7973.

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