Sunday, October 25, 2015

Zippy Pouches

It would have been super fun to have been a vendor at International Quilt Market in Houston this weekend, but for me it's just not the right season of life to do it.  So to keep myself busy and from being sad, I have thrown myself into creating.

I got out some vinyl that I've had for awhile and started cutting and stamping.  It's so fun to create and sew.  It's what I enjoy most of the whole process.

It was super fun to discover that I can stamp onto vinyl using a "Chalk" ink pad and I can heat set it and the ink won't smear or ever rub off!  I think it's fun to incorporate different crafts into a project.  I love stamps and ink pads and I love I married the two. I've also stamped onto fabric with ink appropriated for fabric and that works really well too.

I will be posting these on my website...they make great pencil pouches, makeup bags, sewing bag, etc...

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