Friday, August 23, 2013

The Prettiest Curtains

I've known Lee Ann for quite awhile now.  She has been a student in my quilt classes off and on over the past few years and her skills just keep growing.  She had the vision of making a quilt and then turning them into curtains.  

When she first mentioned the idea of making curtains and wanting me to help...I shyed away, because I am not good at making curtains...frankly, they scare me.  Now, grant it, I've made curtains before and they don't look bad, but I make them for my own house and nobody sees the mistakes (I can hide them well)...tee hee.

But then when Lee Ann said "I want to turn a quilt into curtains" ears perked up and I was excited. Because, you see, anything to do with a quilt, I'm all over that!

Lee Ann came up with a wonderful pattern, and adjusted the size to fit, and away she sewed.

I think the quilt curtains are absolutely the cheeriest things I've ever seen.  I would love to sit at that little table every morning to drink my coffee.  Now if those quilt curtains opened up to the beach I'd be in heaven.

Good Job, Lee Ann.  Your sewing skills are fa-nominal!

And just like Napoleon Dynamite says 'it's good to have skills'

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