Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday....more International Quilt Market

A busy week for sure with it being the last week of school for us here in Oregon, and my sister is graduating from nursing school...so proud of her.

As promised, I'm posting a photo of the display that the Timeless Treasures Fabric booth did at Market with my bags displayed front and center.  I was beyond excited when I saw the display...never expected the bags would be displayed in their own space plus two quilts which aren't my design, but I guess I can share ;)

 But, this photo has to be my favorite...the adorable Timeless Treasures guys holding one of my bags - The Supersized Satchel (on the right).  This photo is courtesy of Timeless Treasures...I didn't actually see them modeling the bags, but I did walk by when they were handing out candy.
Last, but not least, a picture of me and my husband in my booth.  Sorry...it was taken with an Ipod, a bit fuzzy. 

On the last day of Market, Bryan helped me in my booth and every time I stepped away to look around or go for a break, he made sales, many more than I made by myself.  Hmmm, what's up with that?  But I heard from other vendors as well that when the husband is left to tend the booth more people buy...maybe they are less intimidated by the husband of the 'famous designer', than the designer herself - laugh out loud!  Anyhoo, happy Tuesday to all.  Be sure and sew something pretty this week, and if you like my blog be sure to sign up to receive it as an email or become my friend.  I would love to connect with you and see what you are working on as well.

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