Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday

This has been an INCREDIBLY hard week...so I'm really excited to focus on happy things and 'show and tell' my clean sewing space.  I switched around my tables and cleaned up many piles.  I'm so happy to have a space that is more inviting and workable.  I tend to do things backwards...I moved all my desks around before cleaning them off.  My husband was grumbling about this...but, it's just how I operate.  My desks were piled high with stuff and fabric and nick-nacks...and it did make moving the desks a bear...but, why clean them off if you're just going to have to organize it again once the desks are moved?...
 Recently, I have had this need to purge all my magazines...in particular 'Quilting' magazines...I LOVE to collect them, but it's now time to let some go.  So I have begun the task of flipping thru them and picking out the projects that I would love to make or get inspiration from and tearing them out.  I then purchased a three ring binder and sheet protectors and started putting the torn out pages in the notebook.  I also was excited to have a place to put PDF patterns sheets that I had printed off my computer.   I really hadn't thought about organizing my papers in this way before...this is probably something everyone already knows about or already does...but for me it was a simple organizational thing that made me giddy!
 Yay for organization!
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love the baskets! Reorganization is good for the soul. And I have discovered it is never finished.


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