Thursday, May 16, 2013

International Quilt Market Portland, Oregon

Have I told you that I'm super duper excited about having a booth at Market? 

I'm a first timer and I'm nervous...but, after getting my booth half way set-up yesterday...I'm getting so excited for tomorrow!  Last night I was able to meet Hayden and Emily from Timeless fun to put a face to the emails we have exchanged.  I also met Alyssa from Checker Distributors...what a sweet gal.  I am now Distributing thru both companies, which is so exciting too!

I took a photo just for you so you can have a little sneak peek at what my booth looks like and you get to see my wonderful husband who was helping me. 

As we were leaving we pinned up the blue tule so no one would be tempted to 'shop' while we were away. 

As soon as I can I will post photos of my finished space.

what a good sport he is...I think he was having fun playing with the fabric and seeing all the other booth displays...


  1. looking forward to hearing all about this...I'm so excited for you <3

  2. Good Job, Little Tomato! Color, lots of Color!

  3. Great photo! I look forward to more.


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