Friday, May 24, 2013

International Quilt Market Portland 2013

I know you have been anxious and I'm finally prepared to share....Photos of Quilt Market! - International Quilt Market is a Trade Show for all things Quilting/Sewing/Fabric.  It happens twice a year and this year it was close to home for me so I jumped at the chance to go.

Wow, what an adventure from the first day of set-up to the very last day.  I've been reading a lot of other blogger's experience at Quilt Market and I have to say I feel I missed out on some of the action because there is just no way to fit it all in. 

In fact, I will link up with Diary of a Quilter and you can see some of the other fun stuff that went on at this wonderful show.  Honestly, it was hard to do everything there was to do there.  I took in what I could, but after setting up my booth and driving to Portland each day, I was so tired.  I just can't imagine how people felt who were travelling from all over the US and beyond...they must have been exhausted.

My husband and I had fun setting up my booth.  We even had time for a selfy portrait.

Here's my booth when we arrived...pretty bare.

Now it's looking a bit better...notice how I match so well with my booth...not planned!  I was the 'where's Waldo' of Quilt Market...LOL.
Just about all set-up and ready for the mob.

 Close-up of my bags.  The totes you see on the shelf have chalkboard vinyl on the fronts so you can write the name of the fun.

 Last day of Market...
I am so thrilled to have had this opportunity to go to Market...I met so many wonderful people and made lots of connections with people I had been I can put a face to the email.
Thank you, Timeless Treasures, who sponsored me and had my bags on their end booth display at Market (which I will post photos of soon).
Thank you, Alyssa, from Checker are the best.
Random thought...I know a lot of you follow Anna Maria Horner and she was due to have her baby soon, but there has been no postings on her blog for a month.  My prayers go out to her and her family in hopes that everything is okay.


  1. Your booth was as pretty as you are. I believe I will never put my hands on my hips for a photo and not think of you immediately ever again. :)

    1. Oh, Beth, that is too funny. I'm glad you will think of me ;)...from your Blog and Facebook page it looks like you and Kelli had so many fun adventures at Market. I feel I missed out on some of it, but wasn't able to make it to everything due to my job. But maybe I'll get to go to Pittsburg and be involved in more of the activities like Schoolhouse. I couldn't believe how exhausted I was Sunday night...I bet you were too.

  2. Your booth looks great! How fun!

    1. Thank you, Jill! I love reading your blog and I enjoyed following your kitchen make-over. You must really be loving it!


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