Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oregon Garden Quilt Challenge 2013

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Yes, it does rain, but nothing like when I lived in it can really rain up there.  With all our rain comes a beautiful green lush landscape with lots of flowers and gorgeous gardens...which is what you will find when you visit the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon, especially in the Spring/Summer months.
The Garden is hosting a quilt show at the end of January...
and along with the show comes a Quilt Challenge.  "I'm always up for a good challenge".

...they pick a focus fabric
...a 1/4 yard of the fabric must be used in the quilt
...the quilt can only be 36" square or smaller
...and it must pieced, quilted, and bound

The focus fabric is the bright yellow with pink Iris.

I chose a chevron pattern for my little quilt then cut out some of the iris and sewed them on the top with a raw edge, clipped the edge and made it look frizzled.

I  love my little quilt and even if it doesn't place I can't wait to get it back and hang it in my newly painted kitchen.

Stop by and see the's January 25th, and 26th.


  1. Gorgeous quilt, makes me long for spring.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt! We're excited you will be participating in the quilt challenge with us this year, see you soon!


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