Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to Make a Circle for Applique...Show and Tell Tuesday

I have so much fun teaching applique...I know sometimes making a circle when appliqueing can be a bear. Hopefully this tutorial will take some guess work out of the process. It a very simple process and the result will be a perfect circle every time. This method would work for any size circle.

Step 1
Cut the desired size circle out of a thin cardboard or card stock.
 Step 2
Trace circle onto fabric using the template just made.  I used a Pilot Frixion Pen which draws a nice dark line and disappears with heat.  Roughly cut circle out leaving at least a 1/2" of fabric beyond pen line.
 Step 3
Lay template onto circle.
 Step 4
Using an iron, press edges of fabric over edge of template.
 Continue around circle until all edge are pressed over.
 Step 5
Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew a basting stitch around the edge of the circle.  A basting stitch is a very big stitch.  One in which can be snipped and removed very easily.  Also, trim seam allowance down to 1/4" if desired...this removes some of the bulk to the circle.
 Step 6
Press circle with iron...now it's all ready to applique to a piece of fabric.
Step 7
After appliqueing circle to fabric, very carefully remove basting stitch.

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