Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday....and Serger LOVE!

Happy New Year my dear readers...I'm really excited for this new year, new possibilities, new patterns, and new goals, oh, and did I happen to mention a new Serger!  Well, new to me...I found one that is used, but in very good working order.  It's a Viking Serger and it has about 11 stitches.  I am having a blast sewing with it.  I've already serged 8 pillowcases and made my daughter swim shorts.  I'm still learning what my new machine does, but I can tell you it has already been so nice to have...and I've only had it about a week. 
I had talked to my friends at Whitlock's Sewing and Vacuum store to let me know when they received a trade in and two days before Christmas they called and said "you better come quick, this machine won't be here long"...I ran downtown and snatched it up, came home, finished the pillowcases for Christmas presents, then 4 days later sewed my daughter the swim shorts.
I don't have a picture of the pillowcases, but I just did a simple 3 thread rolled hem on the inside seams.  This finished the cases so nicely...no frayed seam on the inside...Yay!
Then I set out to make the shorts.  I had purchased the green swimsuit fabric at The Rain Shed, and the pink from Joann's and also grabbed some swimsuit elastic.
 BUT...the most important thing I found was this fantastic double needle. I didn't even know they existed until someone at The Rain Shed introduced me to it. This little needle is amazing. And the best part about it is...it fits on a normal home machine like mine.

The double needle sews two straight lines of stitching on the front and on the back is a zig zaggy stitch...which helps the fabric stay stretchy.  I feel like the double needle turns a regular sewing machine into a serger for lack of a better description.  I was jumping up and down with joy over this needle discovery.  You should really try it!  you will be amazed.  And so handy for making a hem or attaching elastic to a skirt or pant.

The only thing you really need is for your machine to be able to hold two spools of thread on the top.
This photo shows you the beautiful work on my serger...my sister says I'm now performing lots of  "Sergery"...she's so right! :)

I found a really good pattern for the swim shorts by Kwik Sew...also purchased at The Rain Shed
I am beginning to realize it's not easy to find swimsuit patterns, but this one is a keeper.


  1. great job!! I remember seeing the double needles when I worked in Portland, but totally forgot about them until you posted it. I am curious how I could add a second spool on my machine?? Happy New year!!

    1. Thank you, Denise. Your machine may have a spot on the top to attach another spindle for an extra spool or some machines have two spindles, but one may be pushed down, so you would have to pop it up. Or, I can always pop over to take a look at your machine too ;)


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