Friday, December 14, 2012

A little sewing...and much sadness

As I sat at my sewing machine the tears seemed to just keep coming as I thought about the tragedy that happened today at the Elementary school.  I am so sad...I will be praying all night for the families who lost loved ones today.
It helped to keep myself busy sewing today...despite the gloominess that I feel.
For awhile now I have had a burning desire to paint the whole inside of my house upstairs minus the I set out two weeks ago and did it.  Within one week I had it all painted...but then came the need to slightly redecorate.  So I started with some new curtains in the kitchen and new pillows on the couches.
I've gone a bit crazy with buying home dec. fabrics and trim...I'm so pleased with the results.
Here are three pillows I just finished today!  Yipee!  So fun to have new pillows for the Holidays. 
 My plan is to make 3 pillows for each couch (I have 3 little white couches) so I have 6 pillows to go.  Shouldn't take too long...these took about 45 minutes each to make.  I'm not sure yet how I will group them, but there will be some consistency when I'm done placing them on each couch.  For now, they are bunched together, but I'm sure I'll change them around.

 I bought this sweet little truck from a friend who added the cute little tree on the sweet!!


  1. Love the pillows, love the little red truck and how you have him displayed.
    I havle been hand sewing the hexies and crying, still today. I watched CNN for hours crying and had to shut it off. My prayers are for the families and all of us.

    1. Hi glad to hear from you. Very sad indeed. Miss you.


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