Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tech Cover

Today I am sewing up a storm...okay not really a storm just a Tech Cover :)  It will go to Greenbaum's Quilted Forest for awhile as a shop sample and then I will get it back to use.  Yippee!   I used Denyse Schmidt fabric...I LOVE her fabric!
This is the pattern...
 I give the pattern a 3 out of's a bit confusing on the cutting and it calls for Foam Board for the lining.  That's just kind of strange to me...I used Craft Fuse instead.  I didn't Fuse it, I just cut it to size and placed it inside before stitching the bottom.  That way it is washable and it won't "break" like the foam board would.
 One of the other changes I made to the pattern was using a piece of 1/4" elastic instead of ribbon for the closure...I paired it with a vintage button.

I'm off to sew a quick and easy table runner that I will share later.  Toodles!...janae'

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