Monday, November 5, 2012


I know without a doubt that we all have things we are passionate about and I wanted to share one of the many things that I have a passion for...buying local and homemade.

For many years I have made items to sell at craft bazaars.  Many of you can relate to the very long hours of hard work that you put into getting your craft items ready right up to the very last minute!  I remember sewing handbags on Christmas Eve to fill orders all the while thinking "I will never do this again, I will never do this again..."

So I know how much work and tears go into getting ready for a craft show/holiday faire/Etsy shop, etc...

Forgive me one moment while I step onto my 'soapbox'....  I will say this loud and clear "MAKE A CHOICE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON TO BUY HOMEMADE" we need to support the men and woman who are working so hard to make a living selling their creative wares...I think especially of all the stay at home parents who need a form of income.  Stop in to a local craft bazaar and buy your holidays gifts from the local vendors.  You will be supporting something made in the US, you will be supporting a local crafter, you will be boosting the crafter's self esteem, in most cases you will be buying a product that is constructed better than something store bought, most likely you will be buying one-of-a-kind items as well, etc...

A friend of mine who makes beautiful aprons and bags told me today she is not sewing anymore for shows...I felt sad.  Her work is outstanding and she uses only the best fabric for her items, and they are all priced low.  I am pondering why she and others are not getting the sales they need to stay in business.  I know the economy is bad.  But we all still spend some money on birthday gifts and Christmas gifts so instead of buying from a store where who knows where the stuff is being made...hop on down to a local holiday craft bazaar or shop on Etsy this holiday season and spend your money there.  That's what I'm doing this year and I'm excited at the possibilities...if my family is reading this, don't worry...I won't be buying any crocheted TP holders, unless they're really cute, of course.  But I will be buying lots of wonderful soaps, aprons, washcloths, pillowcases, and whatever else homemade I can find.
Happy Shopping, Local and Homemade!


  1. Hear, hear. I have no desire to try craft show sales again. i used to make extra christmas money. would'nt it be wonderful if handmade items were valued more.

  2. amen! Thanks for posting this. I was just thinking today about how much I love Cooke's Stationers and how I should be buying more of my supplies from them. I am hoping to make more and buy more handmade this year! :)


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