Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wool, Ribbon, and 'Happy"

Yesterday was a good day, although I'm sorry I did not post for show and tell Tuesday...I guess today will make up for it.

After work I took my daughter to Portland for Volleyball training...and after I dropped her off at the gym I went looking for coffee and I literally stumbled upon a place I've been wanting to go to forever...Pendleton Woolen Mill OUTLET!  Unfortunately, I arrived 8 minutes before they closed, but it did save me from spending way too much because I didn't have time to really shhhhhhhhop.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Outlet has an online store, but I did link to the Pendleton site for quick reference.  In a nutshell, the outlet has yardage of beautiful wool, ribbons, wool roving, yarn, zippers, as well as some premade wool items, like bags, blankets, etc...

I, very quickly, ran thru the store and chose two pieces of wool, ribbon, and a bag of zippers (I got about 20 very long zippers for a buck).

I took a close up of the price because this in NOT what I paid.  For the plaid I paid $10, and the pink I paid $18.  Yay!
 The ribbons were so fun, I could have bought them all, but chose to refrain myself and only buy two.

Even 'Happy' got excited over the new purchases, so I had to take his photo too.

Have a very happy Wednesday!  janae'

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