Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vintage Hexagon Quilt

I work with a lady who brought this beautiful vintage hexagon quilt in to show us all and I had to show you.  I'm guessing this quilt is pretty old from the few clues I is yellowed, has some worn spots, and it has a filler that is typical of an older quilt.

I was drooling over this quilt.  The stitching is amazing...teeny weeny quilting.

The little hexies measure 1"!!!!!
I can't even comprehend how many hours and the patience it took to create such a beautie...and all for $20 at a garage sale.

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  1. In the time before television, cell phones, fast cars and any number of labor saving, time saving devices - the daily pace was slower and there was time to enjoy handwork, sometimes alone, sometimes visiting with others. It seems that something is lost with every gain.

    I am glad this quilt is now in the hands of someone who deeply appreciates its value.


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