Saturday, July 28, 2012

Camp Cooking = Missed Show and Tell Tuesday

I'm so sorry I missed posting for those of you who are faithful 'Show and Tell Tuesday' followers. ;)

This week I was completely and utterly consumed with feeding 60 teenagers at camp.

Last Monday and Tuesday I spent every waking moment and probably some non-waking moments...planning, buying, and dreaming of the meals I was going to prepare for 60 hungry teenagers while they were having fun playing at camp.

By Tuesday afternoon, my husband and I had three van loads of food ready to go and we were on the road to Triangle Lake about 2 hours from where we live.  We arrived at camp, unloaded, and then got to work making 30lbs of potato salad, chopping 9 heads of lettuce, baking two batches of brownies, and making a pan of rice crispy treats, not to mention all the food prep we did the next morning before the campers arrived at noon.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were spent getting up at 6 am, preparing breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and an evening snack...about a 14 hour work day, with maybe a 10 minute break for the whole day if we were lucky enough to get away from the kitchen for that long.

The whole experience felt like a race...a marathon.  And when I hit the finish line on Friday at 1pm I felt I was ready to drop.  My husband and I headed for home, walked in the door, walked to our bed, and fell face first into our pillows, and layed there for at least 2 hours before we moved.

This week was taxing, but well worth it...this was our 2nd year cooking for the same kids...they beg for us to go back to feed them again and that makes it ALL worth it.

My husband and I give our all when we cook at camp...we try to please the picky eaters, the gluten free eaters, and the vegetarians.  Some say we spoil the kids with homemade chocolate chips cookies and lots of food choices at each meal, but I don't listen to's just the way we like to roll.  We just aren't casserole people...we like fresh vegys, fruit, and homemade goodness.

What could be better than going to camp where the food is the best you've ever had....

I'm only sorry I don't have photos for you of my week.  In the midst of making 30lbs of potato salad, 100 tacos, 10 gallons of spaghetti sauce, 100 grilled cheese sandwhiches...I forget to take a photo.

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