Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Show and Tell Tuesday

Last week I made two bags, one for my daughter, and one for her friend.  I love this pattern...it came out of a book called SEWING IN A STRAIGHT LINE by Brett Bara
The bag is called City Girl Tote.
Of course, as some of you know, I don't follow directions very well, so I changed the pattern a bit.  I used belting for the handles and inserted them into the top seam - which the pattern had you sew them raw edge to the outside of the bag.  I also added elastic and button closure.

The outside and inside fabrics are from Ikea.  Yes...did you know Ikea has great fabrics AND they're very inexpensive at around $6-$8 a yard AND the fabrics are about 54" wide.  Love it!

My daughter is modeling the bags before she is off to her sleepover with her dear friend.  They were so excited to "camp" in the backyard, and sleep under the stars.

She has "Boo" sticking out from her bag.  Boo likes to tag along too.


  1. I love the fabrics, both outside and in. I had not thought about Ikea as a fabric source.

    1. Thanks, Joni. Hope you are having a great week, after a fun weekend! Did I miss you on Monday?

  2. Hannah loves her bag!! It is just adorable, and such a fun summer memory! :) Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. boo the dog


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