Friday, April 27, 2012


The other day I stepped into a local eye glass shop and was greeted by a 'young' fellow who informed me that my current glasses were a bit dated.  I told him I bought the glasses at that same shop 5 years earlier AND they came with magnetic sunglass attachments. 

He laughed and said 'we don't do clip-ons'...I said 'well you did 5 years ago'.  Then he proceeded to pull out frames that are supposedly 'in style' and I started trying them on.

Well...let's just say I was outright laughing because they were the style of frames I wore in the 9th grade and looking back at those photos I think my glasses were hideous. 

The sale guy says 'oh, those are so must walk out with those ones'...the ones in the photo to the right.  So I said 'please figure out the cost and I will "think" about purchasing them (maybe)'. 

So he does his figuring and shows me a total of $1,065 - I just about fell out of the chair.  I was really laughing at this point.  So I excused myself right out of the store and, I am just going to keep on wearing my 'dated' glasses and clip-ons for awhile longer.

Happy Friday!

PS.  I promise to show a sewing blog in my next post.

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