Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Friend

Thru the blogging world I met a new friend...come to find out she lived in Oregon many years ago...graduated from South High, where I worked and my daughter now goes.  So we started commenting on each other's blogs and staying in touch that way...seeing as she is now living in Tunisia I never dreamed we would meet.  But she came for a visit and today we met for the first time.

Oh, how fun to meet someone you instantly feel you are 'kindred spirits' with.  (Gotta love Anne of Green Gable quotes).

Nadia brought some beautiful sewing projects she is working on and I was in love with them all.  She does beautiful quilting and embroidery...where she lives she makes do with 'found' fabric..there are no big fancy quilt shops around the corner.  Making do with what you have means beautiful and unique works of art.
You can visit her blog at MulticoloredPieces and see her handiwork.

Thank you, Nadia for stopping to visit me...
it was a delight.

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