Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Hat!

A really sweet gal I know stopped in at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest and gave me some decorator weight fabric, a brand new curtain panel, and some silk that she didn't want. 

When I get free 'unwanted' fabric it sparks something in me that wants to get right to work making something from the 'throw away' material. I love a challenge.

I got to work and made this hat.  ALL the material was free. The only thing I purchased was the button.
The one size hat fits an adult perfectly, but my daughter has decided it's hers...I think it looks good on her.

I cut all pieces on the bias so it made the hat much for comfortable to wear.
The inside of the hat was made from the curtain panel...it worked perfectly.

The pattern I used was The Chloe Hat from the book Tangled up in Thread
It is a wonderful book...it has some really good quilt patterns as well as the hat.

I'm also still on a Tumbling Block making spree.  Here are a couple blocks I made yesterday just to see what solids would look.  I really like them. 
I've decided I need a Go Baby Cutter to cut my tumbling blocks out faster.
Now there's a good bday idea...

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  1. Love the new hat! Like the solid fabric tumbling blocks. I want a Go Cutter. My birthday is too far away.


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