Monday, October 10, 2011

Bias Tape

At my favorite quilt shop - Greenbaum's Quilted Forest - I teach/facilitate an applique class.  We have met for several months, once a month, and are having a blast together.  Meeting with these ladies is such a delight to me.  They each bring their own ideas, hints, and techniques to the table, and I learn so much from them.
When we met recently I gave them each a little treat for finishing their blocks that they worked on the month before.  I had gone to a quilt show in town and bought a BIG bag of bias tape, rickrack, and assorted trims, all for $2. 

I was thinking what could ya do with all that bias know the stuff that you find hiding in a drawer when you clean out your grandmother's sewing room.  Bias tape is mostly used in garment making, but can be used for quilting as well.

A light bulb went off and I thought it would be fun to try and make words out of the bias I set off to do just that.
It was pretty easy...I used a hot iron and some steam to form the word.  Then I used applique pins to hold it in place.  I've started to blind stitch by hand the edges of the bias tape.

I'm really excited how it's turning out.  My vision right now is to add some pieced borders and make it into a wall hanging for Valentine's Day.
Not bad for upcycling bias tape from 1986! ;)

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