Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crochet Love!

Not only do I love fabric, I love yarn as well.  It's hard to resist a beautiful skein of colorful fuzzy, soft yarn. But I have to admit, I'm not an avid knitter...I can only knit, can't even purl.  And I don't even crochet, even though I'm dying to make some crocheted washcloths, because they are just the best.

Slowly I am learning the crocheting process and I've come across an awesome blog to help me in my journey.  Her name is Delia and her blog is Delia Creates.  I love her simple style, yet bold statements.  She seems to do everything from crochet to cook...and she takes beautiful photos.

Awhile back she posted a step by step crocheted scarf tutorial and it sparked my interest...hmmm, a scarf of 1,000 chains...I can do that.  You must visit the link above and check out the scarf, even if you don't plan to make it.

I immediately ran to the yarn store and found some super bulky yarn and set to work.  I made 3 scarves while on a road trip to Idaho a few weekends ago.

The scarf is super easy to make and pretty quick too. And the best part is...it only requires ONE chain stitch to make the whole entire scarf.  Instead of counting out 1,000 stitches I measured and did a little math and it comes out to be about 9 yards of chain.  That was much easier than trying to count each stitch. And knowing, that from my nose to the end of my fingers is approximately 1 yard, I didn't even need a tape measure.

 So if you have just the tiny bit of inkling to start crocheting, try this project. Delia gives a step by step tutorial, and, did I mention her photos are amazing.

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