Monday, October 7, 2013

New Pattern

Seems as though I go into a time warp when I'm working on a new pattern.  I don't mean to ignore you, but it's so very hard to find the time to blog and produce a new pattern at the same time. 

But I am back to introduce my newest quilt pattern "Under the Big Top"

I've mostly been doing bag patterns and I'm just so thrilled to have quilt patterns popping into my head.  For the past year, I've been sketching and dreaming of all the new quilts I want to make.

I'm always thinking about creative ways to use up fabric from my stash.  And this quilt does just that -  it uses 30 Fat Quarters.  And since I have tubs and tubs of Fat Quarters...this was just the ticket. 

Oh, and did I happen to mention I love the hourglass block too.  And imagine my surprise when I accidently created the little hourglasses in the corners of the big hourglasses.  My favorite part is how the little hourglasses are included in the first border.

It was magic how the name of the quilt just popped into my head while making the just seemed to fit.  The model is my beautiful sister.

What do you think about this pattern in solids?  Ooooh, I think that is my next project. :)

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