Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday

Tax time...ugh!  Does this scene look familiar in your house?  And it never fails every year that there is one receipt hiding from me...and, no, it's not the one in the photo ;)  I will keep up my search till that little booger is found, or die trying.
 But why is it when I should be looking for receipts I want to be sifting thru my fabric dreaming of what I'm going to make with it...like the chickens above.  My plan is to make kitchen curtains out of all three prints.  It's no secret in my house that I want real chickens someday when we live in the country...so maybe my husband will get sick of seeing them posted all thru the house and get me some real ones. tee, hee
 In the meantime...I will resume my search and daydream of good hair days and pretty little house quilts that hopefully someday I will get to make...
 Oh, and one more thing...see the scissors below? Yes, those are fabric scissors, not Rose Bush snippers. :)  They are the sharpest little scissor and great for snipping Rag Edge Quilts.  The spring loaded action makes them easy on the hands.  Leave me a message and I can tell you the brand name...for some reason it alludes me right now, just like that receipt.  Toodles!

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