Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My love for sewing...

A friend just sent me this photo and I had to share...yes, this is me sitting in front of my mother's Featherweight when I was 8.  I am reminded that my 'love for sewing' started at a young age.  We were living in Alaska near a town called Wrangel, out in the middle of memories.  My mom still has that little Featherweight and I might have one or two also ;)

Have you ever wanted to sew or create something with your hands?...for me it's a daily need.  If you have that desire, but are scared to begin...I encourage you today to do just one small step to start the process.  Maybe it's a trip to your local craft store to browse, maybe it's just picking up a pencil and making some sketches on paper, maybe it's looking thru a magazine to get some matter what you decide to do, just take a step, then tomorrow take another step, and the next day another.  It takes many steps to accomplish a goal, but you can do it.

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