Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday

This morning my Ipod 'blinged' and I ran over to see
who sent me an email...it was a new post by Angela Walters from "Quilting is My Therapy".  She is an amazing quilter who has published two books on quilting designs, and she is a teacher.
I'm linking up with her post today because she had some really good advice when it comes to compliments on our work...basically she said her 'rule' in class when she is teaching is...if someone says your quilt is beautiful...
just say 'thank you'
To my dear students...I think this is my new rule. ;)
It must just be human nature for us to not be able to take a compliment without first pointing out the defects...when most, if not all, the time no one will see the defects but the maker. 
We need to learn to take the compliment as a gift, and just say 'thank you'.

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