Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Show and Tell Tuesday...oops, Wednesday

It completely baffles me how time goes by so fast!

I can remember times during my childhood thinking "time is going so slowly, when will I ever be grown up". Now I'm wishing for it to slow down...which I've heard it never does even when the kids leave home.

But, I do dream about those days when I move to the country when I can wake up to the sound of my chickens and enjoy a cup of coffee on my porch while the sun comes up...all while dreaming of what I will sew for the day.

Until then...I guess life will be fast and busy.  And once again I failed to get 'Show and Tell Tuesday' out on the right day...sorry.

Today I'm showing you my mother's HUGE flower pots that she grows.  She is amazing.  I think the key is water and plant food, and lots of both.

The flowers are beautiful just like her...

Maybe someday when I have all that time in the country...I'll be able to have pots that look like these.

Going down my parents driveway there is a flower on each side.  The diameter of these pots are at least 5'.

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