Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Show and Tell Tuesday

Today I thought you might like to have a tiny peek at my mess my treasures and projects.
This is the top of a new bag I just made...I used leather handles, and a beautiful aray of fabrics in my favorite colors.  Don't worry...you will see more of this bag in the future.
 If you look around my sewing room you will find shelves here and there with stacks of fabric and pretty things.  The little dolly is my Jinny Doll from when I was little, and the ice cream cone is holding my 'coffee' funds.
 I like to 'think' I'm somewhat organized by looking at these drawers, but truth be told I'm really not.  But these labeled drawers do help me find what I need in a hurry.  I snagged this unit at a garage sale...it sits on my sewing table close at hand.
A shelf full of fabric...what could be more fun?  Well...don't answer that...but, it is fun, right?
 I love to hang blocks just about anywhere so I can enjoy them even if they are not in a quilt yet.  These little beauties are a 'Little Red Riding Hood' Block of the month.
 This is my favorite magnet...love the quote.
 A girl has to have glitter and ribbon too...
 Oh, and lots of thread!  Aurifil is the best for piecing and quilting.  Looks like I need to add some colors to my stash.
Happy Tuesday...Janae'


  1. What a happy space! I love pics of the places where people create.


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