Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Logo and Inkscape

hi dear friends...happy new year!

i have to admit...i've struggled with what to name my blog, my patterns, my stuff and as some of you know i was convinced to change my name over to Apt5Studio...but, i've had a change of heart and i'm sticking with my name.

i already feel established under my name and at this point feel i better not make you can see from my new header. :)

i am so excited because i have learned a new program called INKSCAPE.  learning this program has opened a whole new world for me with my patterns.  i am giddy with joy over being able to do diagrams for my patterns in Inkscape.

so if you wander why i might not be reachable by phone, or why i won't leave my house for a coffee date, etc...i am probably sitting in front of my computer completely immersed in this wonderful program coming up with fun new patterns!


  1. Inkscape is a brilliant program...I'm just coming to grips with it myself :o) Gimp is another fab free program...much like photoshop if you have any need for that.

  2. Hi there Janae - I just came across your site. I believe that Inkscape (& Gimp) is a real gem, so much so that my sister and I have put together 30 free videos for beginners (Inkscape & Gimp)to take people through how to use them.

    Be our guest and subscribe to the videos and let us know how you get on. If you find them helpful, do pass it on.

    Caroline :)
    Oh, and can find us on Facebook too!


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