Monday, January 2, 2012

My 'ONE WORD' for 2012

for 2011 my 'one word' resolution was "reduce"...i accomplished that in many different areas of my life

for 2012 i have chosen "simple"... i know everyone has their own interpretation of what this might mean, but for me it means ...

  • to make do with less
  • use what i have on hand to create with
  • not running out to make a purchase every time i think i need something
  • for example...instead of setting the table for guests with two table cloths and special expensive napkins and a huge flower arrangement...going with pretty placemats, greenery and some candles....

i just always tend to go over the top and get completely stressed in the process...well, i'm changing my ways, i'm scaling back.

i've been inspired by Anne Marie at Na-Da Farms...her house is so simple, and beautiful.  she has a great blog and a wonderful shop.


  1. Hi, JanaƩ. I like your word. I've been trying to downsize for years, but that's tough because Tunisians like to accumulate stuff. I even had to write a post on the subject to get some perspective! Simplifying seems to be a mindset. Good luck!
    best, nadia


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