Friday, December 2, 2011

Pretty Little Ring Pin Cushions

I have to confess that taking pictures for my blog is not easy for me...I have no patience really is what it comes down too.  Basically, I want a fabulous picture, but I have no patience to go thru the process of taking the picture, photoshopping the picture, etc...

So...until I get better at the process, here is what I have for you today...two pictures that don't have the same color value to them (I'm sorry).  Like I said I'm just not good at this part.  I'm really good at creating things, just not good (yet) of getting the product into a good photo.'s what I've been working on.

I gathered some wool balls, adjustable ring bases, and beads.
 Here is my finished product...Pretty Little Ring Pin Cushions.
I used E6000 glue to adhere the wool ball to the ring base, then hand sewed seed beads to the ball using thread.
I love wearing one when I handy (hee, hee). 

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