Thursday, December 1, 2011

Painted Studio and New Name

I'm really quite thrilled to share with you the new name of my studio...Apt5Studio! 
Here's the scoop...
I've been dreaming and thinking about what to call my studio for quite some time and as a result I was coming up with nothing. day when I was sitting on the beach at the Oregon Coast...I looked down at a magazine that my husband had brought along and noticed that the address on the front was addressed to Apt 5...I found this quite amusing seeing as our real address does not have Apt 5 in it whatsoever.  My husband said he had tried to correct the problem several times and the magazine company still couldn't get it right.  In fact, another one of our magazines started coming with the same address.  It was quite humorous. 
So...a light bulb went on and I thought "it must be fate, I will use it".

Remember a few weeks ago I said I was painting my studio...well, I'm done.  I'm not going to was will see from the pictures I had a TON of stuff to move before I could paint, but I did it.  I'll studio is messy and full of stuff...but, I love it.  It will never be perfect and uncluttered and that's okay with me.  It's my happy place.

Here's my studio before:
Ugly wood paneling...

Do you see my kitty...she blends in with all my stuff :)

 Here's the after much brighter with pretty cream paint on the walls.

Other side of room

Oh, don't worry...this isn't ALL the fabric I own...there's more tucked away in a closet.
Oh, and see those white boxes stacked up?  Those might have fabric in them too ;)


  1. Love it! The new name and the paint job!

    My studio is at Rainbow's End, a nice movable situation.

    Joan Riley

  2. The paint job looks fab...certainly brightens up the room...

    BTW can I ask, what kind of sewing machine do you have...? Are you happy with it? My machine is playing up and I can sense a replacement being purchase in the near I'm looking for recommendations :o)


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