Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Up at 5:15am!!!

The Craft Faire I hosted was a complete success!  Vendors sold lots and we had many, many customers.

Now that the Faire is over I have been tying in to complete my 'to do list'.  And it is long...

The first thing I did was paint my sewing room...please check back with me and I will post some before and after shots. :)

In order to get the time to start accomplishing the tasks on my to do list I've decided to rise a bit earlier in the morning.  5:15 to be exact.

For 16 years now, as long as I've been married, I've gotten up at 6:15 to make my husband's lunch and then start my day.  And it seems I don't really get my day started and work done until the girls are out of the house by 9.  So I've committed to getting up earlier to get my day started and get tasks done before husband and children need me. 

Let me say this is no easy task for me...I would be fine sleeping until at least 8 every day.

I was very inspired by reading Jane Kirkpatrick's book "Homestead"...I highly recommend reading it.  She committed to getting up every morning at 4 so she could write her books.  Wow!  That's commitment.  I'm so inspired.  I don't know if I every will be able to get up at 4, but I will ease into it it I find 5:15 isn't working.

I must say...the last two days of getting up earlier has been wonderful!  Yesterday, I quilted a quilt by 9am!

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