Sunday, November 13, 2011


At 2am last night, my husband and I awoke to glass breaking.  My first thought was a window breaking and a burglar crawling into a window, but I just wasn't sure.  My husband grabbed his flash light and walked thru the house not finding any windows broken or anything else askew.  So while he was checking on the girls...I still had my head out our bedroom window listening for the burglar...I then spotted someone in our backyard with a flashlight and my heart just about stopped.  I yelled at the person..."what's going on, and why are you in my yard?"  He replied, "it's your neighbor and my tree fell in your yard".  I was relieved, but felt like crying because I had no idea what damage had been done.

This is the sidewalk going into our back yard.

Bryan took this picture from the top of the roof looking down into the back yard.

So this morning we went out to assess the damage. Thank the Lord we have very little damage to the house or anything else. As you can see in the upper left corner, the beautiful swing set that my father made has been folded up to a small heap, but may be able to be fixed.  The glass we heard breaking was a dish that was hanging on the wall in the dining room...the dish fell and broke when the tree fell.  The very corner of the house at the roof line will also have to be fixed.

 We are calling the mess "the monster", because in the dark it looks like a dead monster laying in our yard with it's long tentacles sprawling all over the yard. 

The sad part was a healthy tree that just decided to split in half so we are responsible for covering the damage to our yard...but despite having to pay for a tree mess to be fixed that wasn't mine...we are thankful that no one was hurt and we will end up with lots of firewood.

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