Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My daughter and I have been very INSPIRED by the gal who is doing a newdressaday - she is amazing. So we thought we would try our hand at it.  We went to the Goodwill and my daughter picked out an 80's style jumper and said here mom this is the one we are going to fix up.  So I added some Anna Maria Horner fabric and Voila! here it is. 

I added binding around the neck, a pocket, and a pieced ruffle (after I cut off about 12" on the length of the jumper).

For our first attempt at "remaking" an outfit I think we did okay - I'm sure with some practice we'll get better.


  1. that is AWESOME!!!! I love it! :) Victoria, you look beautiful! Great project guys!

  2. Absolutely cute! You did good before and after pics Tori. Very sweet. That will be fun to do to other dresses you find. Can't wait to see more.

    Auntie Aimee


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