Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Etsy Shop...for bags only

I find that anytime my schedule 'changes', there's always a transitional period of time before I feel readjusted to the new schedule.  Sometimes the transitional time can be exciting, and other times it's just plain difficult.  The latter is always what I experience when it's either the end of the school year or the beginning.  The first week is always the challenge...and not only is it back to school week for us, we also decided to paint a portion of our house the very same week.  Ack!  What were we thinking.  So in the midst of adjusting to getting up early to catch the bus, taxiing kids to practice and games, etc...we are painting too!  Despite the crazy week, it does feel like a huge accomplishment to get some of our house painted.

In the midst of the busyness, I also have opened a new Etsy shop to sell my bags, designed and made by me.  I will still sell my patterns separately, but I needed a place to sell the bags because so many of you have asked for them.

My new shop is called:

You might find the story behind the name husband has received a magazine in the mail for many years and the address the company has put on the magazine has always included Apt. 5 along with our street address.  We have contacted the magazine to have them delete the Apt. 5 part because we have never lived in Apt. 5 anywhere ever!  But, they have never changed it.  So it has kind of stuck as a name we use for various things, like new Etsy Shops. 
 You can visit my shop by clicking the link below.

I will be adding new bags on a regular basis AND this week I am offering free shipping!

One of my most favorite  bags to make is a backpack I designed.  For all the details visit my shop. I have three backpacks currently for sale.

 I will also be offering a bag like the one below with the log cabin block on the front and back.  This is my MOST favorite bag ever!  It carries a ton of stuff and I even used it as a carry-on and it was perfect.  So be checking back for this one to debut.
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