Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts...

I've been a little MIA lately here on my blog...
School was out last Friday, and I have to admit, the first week is never easy...
On one hand we are so excited for summer break, but on the other hand, we have to adjust to a new schedule, which can be the challenge.  My girls do best when they are busy, and I do best when I can be working at home.  That sometimes creates a conflict of interest...
but, by the second week we always have it figured out.  

I was thinking about one year ago, almost to the date...I got the terrifying call that my dad had fallen 20 feet off a ladder.  My world came crashing to a halt.  In a blink of an eye my summer was determined.  I spent every day with him and my mom at the hospital.  It's truly a miracle that he is just about 100% back to normal...we are so blessed.

I have to share with you my Father's Day treat for my husband.  First I took him to a restaraunt called The Screen Door in Portland.  Their specialty is Chicken and Waffles, among other very delicious food.  Let me tell you...the food was amazing.  Don't let the little building fool you...the inside is charming and the service is wonderful.  Just get there early before they open or expect to have a bit of a wait.

Next, I mapped out outdoor staircases for us to work off that wonderful breakfast.  Here is a link to the staircases in Portland.  We did four of them (about 1,000 steps)....needless to say, by the fourth one my legs were jelly!  Oh, but it was fun.  

My favorite staircase was the one leading up Mt. Tabor.  At the top you could see across to OHSU, but it was a little hazy on Saturday so my photo is not the best.

 These stairs were up by OHSU Veterans Hospital.

 It was a super fun day and I would love to go back and do some more stairs.  There are about 24 staircases listed on the website (link above) maybe someday I'll climb them all.  

Until then, I will be working on a blog post for Timeless Treasures fabrics.  It will be an easy project perfect for 2.5" strips.  I will post a link in about a week.

Happy Sewing! and Happy Summer!

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