Friday, July 19, 2013

Beach Tote and Mat Tutorial at Timeless Treasure Fabrics

Since being a vendor at International Quilt Market in many fun things have been happening.  My hopes were that Quilt Market would open doors for my pattern business and that surely has happened.
It's so thrilling to now be able to say I've sold over 1,000 patterns and most of those were just since May! you see me doing a happy dance????
And today Timeless Treasures Fabrics published my Beach Tote and Mat Tutorial on their Blog!  Thank you, Timeless your fabrics!
So exciting! Click on link below.
And let me know if you make them or one or both. 
PS. The mat would also work well for Yoga!

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  1. YEA!! Wonderful tutorial on the Timeless Treasures Blog. 1000 patterns are only the beginning.


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