Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday...International Quilt Market

I started my sewing journey about 18 years ago.  I was living in Alaska working as a cook in a logging camp.  Each meal I made served about 100 men so needless to say when I got married...well, you can imagine I cooked enough for way too many people.  I had to learn how to scale it way back.  In between cooking all that food I found myself looking for a hobby and in the little town of Hoonah there was a quaint little fabric store and the owner introduced me to rotary cutting.  Which by the way, I still have the same mat and rotary cutter from all those years ago.  Don't worry, I've changed the blade since.

I was immediately hooked on piecing quilt tops and have never stopped.  One of the very first classes I ever took was at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest in Salem, Oregon after leaving Alaska.  I made Eleanor Burn's Double Irish Chain from Quilt in a Day.  To this day it is still used on our bed. 

As well as quilting, I have made a lot of bags...let's say probably around 300 at least.  I worked with a friend making customized bags and we were busy.  What a huge learning experience that was for my sewing skills...I'm pretty sure I could make just about any bag/tote while asleep.  Now I'm fully immersed at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest teaching, selling fabric, and writing sewing patterns.

This has all lead to the next step in my journey which is going to International Quilt Market.  What's that? you say.  I remember a few years ago wondering the very same thing.  So over the years I've read about, and asked people 'in the know' many questions about Market.  And after feeling confident enough and selling a few patterns here and there I decided to take the plunge and apply to be a vendor.

To those not in the sewing/quilting world...I explain it to them as a very large trade show, then they seem to understand better the big picture.  Too me though, it's like a HUGE candy store full of beautiful yummy treats to look at and learn from.  Not to mention all the very talented people/artists who will be vendors there as well.

So to sum Market up...spaces are rented to those selling their sewing related wares, it's wholesale buying so it's not open to the public, it's a high paced weekend full of meeting new people, learning, and hopefully above all else getting my name out there to quilt shops and distributors all around the country.

My house is a buz getting ready for Market.  I will show photos of my booth at a later date, so please visit me again.

Here's bird's eye view of Market in Salt Lake City.  I've also attached a link down below of some other photos I found that are fun to look at especially if you have an interest in being a vendor someday.
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  1. A very big deal. I hope you share lots of pictures of the experience. I know this will take you to the next level of your business.


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