Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...

Hoping today is a good day for you...I know for some Valentine's Day can be hard, but do something for yourself...spend some time sewing, buy yourself a yard of new fabric, take a walk with your dog, etc...I know for me visiting a new quilt shop ALWAYS cheers me up.

I've been my booth dimensions taped out in my basement.  Now I can visualize how much space I will have at Market.  It's fun to plan, but makes me nervous at the same time.  I feel so new to this whole process...I also have my booth sign on order, can't wait to see it.

 I'm excited to share with you a new product I've discovered called "Soft and Stable"...I'm using it in place of fusible fleece in bags.  I'm still using a light weight interfacing ie. Sheer Knit, but this stuff is so much better than anything else I've ever used and I've tried all the interfacing's out there.  I wouldn't call this an interfacing though, it's a thin piece of foam with a fabricy shell on the outside.  It's very soft and pliable.  It's washable too!  The nice thing is, there is no need for a separate piece for the bottom of the bag...this stuff will give enough support just on it's own.
 So what I did is pieced together some blocks and made a front and back panel for a bag.  Then I quilted some simple straight lines through the panel with the 'Soft and Stable' on the need for a backing piece of fabric.  Topstitch as desired...then the fabric and 'soft and stable' will be attached.  If you don't want to quilt it...just sew a basting stitch around all four edges to hold the two pieces together.

Hopefully in the photo below you can see that the quilting made the panel have some dimension.
 I thought these panels would make great placemats too.
I've also seen the 'soft and stable' be used in table runners, it looks fantastic!
I wish you could see how cool this is in person.  "Soft and Stable" is a super great new product.  And I'm not even getting paid to tell you this ;)
Your local quilt shop should be able to order you some.

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