Friday, November 16, 2012

Free Pattern...the 'thread' sac

Last week I had the opportunity to go to one of my favorite quilt shops - Ladies of Liberty in Independence, Oregon - with my mother-in-law...we were meandering around the quilt shop looking at every thing and enjoying all the beautiful quilts and little sewing items when I saw this little 'thread catcher'.
I immediately wanted the pattern...come to find out there wasn't I snatched up some very adorable civil war prints and ran home to figure out the pattern on my own and make one.

This little sac could be used for a lot of different purposes...the purpose for it in the shop was to catch loose thread so that the thread didn't end up on the floor.  I think I may make a dozen of them just to have in my sewing room for 'whatever'.

Here is the pattern!

 Materials Needed:
-         Outside fabric 12” square
-         Inside fabric 12” square
-         One 2 ½” strip of bias binding (approximately 21” long)
-         12” square of batting – I prefer a thicker batting to give it some poof, I used wool batting.
-         Heavy thread for gathering the bowl/paired with a large needle used for gathering.
-         Sewing machine
-         Hand sewing needle and thread to stitch down binding.

Sewing Directions:
1.    Trace an 11” diameter circle onto a piece of paper or paper side of ‘butcher’ paper, and cut circle out.  *Note: use a compass to make circle or just use a ruler and mark the four sides and connect the circle.  The circle does not have to be perfect. 
2.     Trace circle onto backside of one of the fabrics.  Layer outside fabric, batting, and inside Fabric – cut circle out of all three layers at one time.
3.      Layer inside fabric right side up, batting, and outside fabric right side down.  Pin edges to hold in place.
4.      Using heavy thread and large needle, hand sew a running stitch all the way around the outside of the circle, sewing thru all layers.  Stitch should be fairly big.
5.      Gather thread until sides are raised up to about 1” or the height you desire.
6.       Knot off thread.
7.       Fold and press bias binding in half.
8.       Sew binding onto the outside of the sac by matching raw edges of binding and top of sac.  At the start and stop of the binding, fold binding into a triangle to hide the raw edge.
9.       Flip your little sac wrong side out and hand stitch the folded edge of binding down to the inside fabric – hiding your stitch line.
10.    When done with stitching, flip sac to the right side out and smooth the inside.  Your little sac is ready to be used.  It certainly can be used for a lot more than just thread. J  Hope you enjoyed the process!

Enjoy...happy sewing. janaé
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  1. Love this! You did a great job and I'll use the patter as well. Thanks for the great mention of the shop.

  2. This is a gorgeous fabric sac! Thanks for going to the trouble of making a pattern to share!

  3. Vvery nice. I thought there would be sand or something in the bottom to help keep in in place. When i start sewing again i might try that.

    1. Thank you! could certainly try a little something in the bottom to hold in place, but it seems to work fine w/o it. :)

  4. Hi, Janaé. I think I've visited that shop! Really cute project and you explained the pattern very well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    best from Tuniisia,

    1. Hi Nadia, Thanks for stopping by to visit. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)

  5. Neat idea, thanks for sharing the tutorial with us!

    1. Thank'll have to let me know if you make one. janae'

  6. super cute! aren't these bowls fun? they're so addictive to make! i made a bunch in halloween prints last month, and now i'm planning some larger ones with xmas prints to fill with candy and doorprize off at my december guild meetings. i used 505 to adhere my layers, and it made it super easy to gather!

    1. hi amy, good idea to use 505...that would help. Had you found a pattern for these little bowls? Just curious if there is one out there. I'm looking forward to making a bunch more...i love them, and so handy for the sewing room.


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