Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Show and Tell Tuesday

Today I thought it would  be fun to 'Show and Tell' a bag I made a few years ago.
  A few years ago I started teaching a beginners quilting class called Nine Patch/Hourglass and to get myself familiar with the pattern and feel comfortable teaching it...I made 8 of the quilts.  It was very fun to make so many of the same quilt pattern because with different fabric used every time they each were unique...and guess what everyone got for Christmas that year ;)
So...by the 9th time of making the quilt I decided to turn the blocks into a bag instead...by then, I felt I had the hang of making it and I didn't need anymore quilt gifts for Christmas.
The handles (bought at Joann Fabrics) are bamboo and are placed onto the tabs after the bag is put together.  The little flap has a magnetic snap and I put a big pocket on the inside.  The blocks measure 6" each so the overall bag is about 24" square and 3" wide.  It's a fun bag to carry if I need to tote some books or carry my sewing supplies to class.

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