Friday, May 18, 2012

I am crazy...

last night i was making stir fry and decided to throw in some spinach.  so i grabbed the bag and slit open the top before i realized there was this really handy zip lock opening in the side of the bag. 

this my friends is exactly how i do tasks...backwards!...sometimes i wonder how do i ever get anything done at all when i do them backwards...i just have to shake my head.  am i crazy or was it the genes that i was given - actually i do see that this trait is hereditary and it comes from my father (sorry dad) BUT in our defense...

we may jump right in without reading the instruction, but we get lots of things done.  we don't let the fine print stand in our way of accomplishing a task that seems too big or too hard. stir fry was fabulous and a rubber band closed that bag right up :)

Love You, Dad

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  1. Janae! Your blog is looking so beautiful and I love that you are doing video tutorials!!! Such a good fit for you and all of your knowledge. Great projects- I adored the hat you made for O. I saw it yesterday when she was here, and it is fantastic! LOVE!


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