Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Everyday Life and A Cute Bag too!

i love reading blogs, but sometimes they can be discouraging...
blogger's lives always look so much better, funner, and more exciting than my own. 
(ps. this is why i don't like Facebook).
seems like i never see photo's of a living room that's 'lived' in, you know...a bit messy after being used for family movie night with lots of snacks and pillows and blankets strewn about the room, or a messy kitchen from being used to make the family the most delicious meal ever...i think you get the picture.

i would love to read blogs about humdrum, everyday lives...maybe we would all feel better to see that we are human and there will be many days when our homes are messy, and dinner is take-out, and the shower hasn't been cleaned in weeks,
and vacuuming...well, what's that?

here's my mundane for the lunch
well, to me is wasn't mundane, i mean i get really excited when i can buy lunch for under a buck...who can beat a $.99 baked potato from Wendy's? :)
and it was good...i might add.

after my delicious lunch, i finished this cute bag for my neice.
it will hold a coloring book, crayons, and the cute moose i got at Ikea.

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  1. And you got to sew in one of your new lables. Yea! the bag is fun, especially for a little girl.


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