Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Block of the Month! by Cheryl Wall

in an earlier post i mentioned i was working on a Tumbling Block quilt...i needed to add more Civil War prints to my collection for the quilt so i visited a lovely little shop called 'Ladies of Liberty' in Independence, Oregon...
well...lets just say i bought more than just a few Civil War prints
(p.s. - hope my husband isn't reading this) ;)
anyhoo...i signed up for their block of the month.
this is the pattern - it's actually a book, "Welcome Home" by Cheryl Wall,
and the block of the month is the quilt on the cover
i am so impressed with this book.
the instructions are EXTREMELY easy to follow.
 here is Block #1
Block #2
 here are a couple other patterns in the book...SO ADORABLE!

i have realized recently that when i started quilting 16 years ago...i LOVED the homespun fabrics, but over the years veered from them and went more modern, but now i'm finding myself going back to the 'country' look...i think i shall repaint my kitchen just for this quilt! :)

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  1. I look forward to seeing the completed (or even work in progress) quilt. Isn't interesting to see how our tastes change?


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