Friday, March 9, 2012

Tumbling Block Quilt

For a long time now I've been wanting to make a tumbling block quilt, with no luck finding a pattern.  I have searched for the 'old-fashioned' way of making the other words, hand stitching. 

All patterns that I found were for a quick method of strip piecing and machine applique.  Well, that just wasn't what I was wanting.

I wanted to sit down (with good music and coffee) and hand stitch these cute little diamonds and 'get back to my roots'...if you know what I mean.  I didn't want 'quick, strippy methods'...just the bare bones old-fashioned template sort of way.

So I made some inquiries and finally found a sweet lady who gave me a template that I traced and cut out of template plastic.  The smaller diamond you see is to trace for the stitching line.

I searched in my 'stash' and found civil war fabrics that I didn't even know I owned and started tracing and cutting diamonds.  My goal is to cut and sew at least 1,000 diamonds...phew!...that's alot.

The block is approx. 5" big.

Here is what I have so far and I'm loving it!

 Let me know if you are interested in the template.
Have a SUPER weekend.


  1. It seems like a logical step from hand applique to hand pieced blocks. In a high tech society, high touch experiences can bring much satisfaction. Only 964 pieces to go.

  2. Hi Janae, My daughter's name is similar to yours - Janai. Interesting....
    Well anyways, I am a homeschool mom working with three young ladies (teens) and studying Rome. We have discovered that this quilt pattern orininated with the Eutruscans, or early Romans, so I want to teach them how to make a simple tumbling blocks quilt. We would only be doing one square each, and possibly making a pot holder or something small with it, but I would love to get your template. I myself have only done a few quilts in my lifetime, and never this pattern, so I will have to do some quick sewing and put one together myself before I can teach it. Would really appreciate your template to make my job a bit easier.

  3. That's gorgeous and your fabrics are divine! I did my own template out of cardboard and cut slits in to mark the seams. It was just a little quilt for my newborn's cot so the cardboard held up - I like your idea of the plastic, much more durable for a big job. This pattern is so satisfying to hand sew - I used to take my little diamonds to those long waits for obstetrician appointments and stitch away in the waiting room! I too would love your pattern if you have it.
    Will search your blog for updated pics on your efforts.


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