Saturday, February 11, 2012

"LOVE" Small Quilt PATTERN

The last two weeks I have been spending every moment creating new patterns and I am really enjoying the process.  Although I feel I've barely come up for a breath.  Today I feel good about my progress because I have two new patterns in the quilt store in town...and soon they will go out to more stores.

This is my "LOVE" small's finished size is 25" x 31" and has a prairie point border.  The heart is made with a bias strip, and the letters are adhered with fusible web.  The heart and letters are blanket stitched or zig-zagged. 
Please click on picture to the right of the screen for more information.


  1. Adorable!!!! Are you going to make any of these to sell on Etsy (not pattern, but ready made?) I miss you!

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