Friday, January 13, 2012

InkScape Update

i was thrilled to see so many of you read my blog about InkScape and i thought i would write again about the wonderful program.

i have floundered for years not knowing how to get diagrams into my purse patterns, and even with some research i couldn't find the perfect program to use, so i was painstakingly hand writing my diagrams in my patterns.

over Christmas break when i had a little extra time, my husband said "check out Inkscape and go thru the tutorial"...i did, and within a couple hours...i was making diagrams in Inkscape! 
i was over the moon with joy.

it was so easy to learn...i'm sure i have so much more to learn about the program, but i was able to update a few patterns with neato diagrams.

here's an example of what i can do in Inkscape

after i create the diagram i can cut and paste into a Word's so cool!

so...i'm pleading with you.  if you want to create your own patterns and don't know where to start, start with Inkscape - go thru the tutorial that is offered in the's so easy!

happy friday!

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  1. Hi Janae - I'm so glad someone else has discovered Inkscape. We think it's a well-kept secret that needs to be shared!
    Quite a few people use it for craft style projects. If we can help in any way, do let us know.
    BTW - why do you paste into a Word document? What do you do with it after this?



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